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Our clients can expect completely original and innovative ideas as well as finely crafted, expertly finished products. Our focus is a quest for evolution in the design and engineering fields. Whether itís a light fixture, manufacturing process, fluid system, or packaging, we strive to design innovative alternatives to the norm, even the simplest of items such as a pencil or a coffee cup can assume a fresh, unique form. At consulate, we strive to please the senses, and ease the existence of our clients. In the home, our clients can be guaranteed the same professional and innovative approach as in the workplace. Whether it is new construction or remodeling, a bathroom or bbq, consulate can furnish you with a completely original design and fixtures to accompany it.

In our site, we will try to provide you with a brief understanding of the wide range of services that consulate offers to you, our client. Whether you are looking for a unique environment for your home, or a novel approach to the workplace, consulate can bring your visions to life. In addition to the design and construction of your project, consulate will provide the moving and storage of your belongings, temporary living or work space, or assistance with travel arrangements if you wish to avoid the disorder that can accompany any design project. We wish our clients to be unfettered by the turmoil often present in dealing with the typical contracting and construction trades.

 We hope you find our site simple to browse, and inspirational in its content.

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